Dealing with third-party agencies exposes companies to a greater business risk emanating from reputational, legal and compliance issues. IICPUs evolved Vendor/Third Party Due Diligence Services strategically support companies by managing risks and adhering to compliance norms as mandated by the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act. At IICPL, we holistically assist our clients both in preliminary assessment and enhanced assessment of third parties including suppliers, distributors, vendors, and customers in India. Our competitive edge lies in the fact that we deliver timely actionable intelligence to preempt risks and take steps to safeguard business interests. Our forte hes in the crucial collection of primary intelligence from diverse to attain a differential and create authentic, unambiguous data. Effective third-party due diligence should help organizations reach the following conclusion:

I am confident that my agent, reseller, supplier etc. does not make corrupt payments, and that our business relationship is a normal, legitimate one. I can explain to, and convince others why my confidence is justified.

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