Risk Assessment Service aims at identifying the vulnerabilities and threats that might affect the business operations of the company. Team at Insightful Intelligence assist clients in assessing the risk parameters at any specific location including corporate headquarters, distribution centers, supply chain network, retail stores, executive residences as well as travel routes. This service regularly provide assistance to companies planning to establish their units across multiple locations or greenfield projects at any remote location. We cover various parameters for companies who are planning to establish as well as for companies who have been operating but assessing the risk matrix through the below parameters

  1. Location Risk Analysis including neighborhood survey
  2. Availability of employee quality and labor pool in the area
  3. Demographic analysis of the criminal activities in the area
  4. Review the physical security, electronic and IT security at the premises
  5. Understand the employee safety measures taken by the company
  6. Analysis of Sociopolitical environment of the area
  7. Details of local NGOs active in the area
  8. Traffic and Roads Assessment in the area connecting to major parts of the city
  9. Assessment of Emergency Services available in the area and their contact details

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