We collaborate with companies for providing effective human resources. Our gamut of – reactive and proactive employee due diligence service is aimed at identifying employee t• arb:nr nagti of onrs/bferhaeuvdi so/rami iesnbheahnacvei omr,emntosnoitdori imngp rpoevr: omremnat nocf eoargnadnbi zeahta:ni oar, acludi tyunraem. cs, and • Over the past two years, IICPL has successfully conducted over three dozens of employee due diligence. Our team has critical experience in accessing actionable information about the • prospective/current employee from peers, subordinates, seniors, former employees, alumni, friends, vendors etc. Our geographical expertise encompasses the Indian subcontinent. The • team at IICPL includes experienced professionals in the field of due diligence and competitive – intelligence. The multidisciplinary team at IICPL has people from various background and domains including MBAs from premier institutions, law, and competitive intelligence.

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